Empowering businesses to do I.T. better

Enabling your staff to be more effective
  • Fixing things before people are even aware of a problem.
  • Managing computers and servers remotely.
  • Supporting computers anywhere in the world.
  • Stopping computers being corrupted by viruses or malware

With our remote monitoring, spam filtering, web filtering and antivirus technology, your workplace remains safe and distraction free, meaning your company’s staff can achieve more in a day.

Managing IT from the cloud

With over 25 years experience of delivering MSP services (Managed Service Provider) we know the stresses of running computer networks for business.

As cloud technology has developed over recent years, we have expanded our portfolio of cloud hosted tools to enable us to deliver a real-time monitored and fully “Managed IT Service” to our small to medium size business clients at a fixed monthly cost, which we call ingotlive.

Having tested these tools extensively in real environments, we are now also making them available for IT Managers to support their own organisations more effectively.

Solutions that Support

Our solutions mean that your staff can relax because our systems are taking care of yours.

Solutions that Adapt

The functionality and flexibility of our solutions allows them to be tailored to an individual company’s needs.

Solutions to Rely Upon

The technology used by our cloud hosted solutions are all managed by teams of experts 24/7, 365 days a year.

Solutions that empower business!

  • Our solutions stop spam and viruses reaching your network and can block access to non-business websites,  minimising staff distractions

    Less Distractions

  • Less Stressful

    Our solutions mean problems can be fixed before staff are even aware an issue has arisen, reducing stress levels for everyone.

  • More Productivity

    A less stressful and distracting environment, means more can be achieved by everyone, increasing staff productivity.

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